DownEast Golf is a full service golf course design and construction firm. We believe that the "design-build" business model delivers a better product at a lower cost, in less time.

From clearing trees to growing grass, from practice facilities to cart paths, DownEast Golf has extensive experience in all aspects of golf course construction.

We have worked on sites that featured many acres of environmentally sensitive wetlands, successfully negotiating the compromises that these project require. We have been called in to rescue a project that had been damaged by nineteen inches of rain. We have worked on the sides of mountains and on a site that could have passed for a granite quarry.

Most notably, we were entirely responsible bringing Fox Ridge Golf Club to fruition - scouting for suitable land, purchasing the land, raising money for construction, designing and building the course, and subsequent management of the facility as majority partners. Designing and operating this course has given us insight into every corner of the golf business, insight that can only be gained from putting your own money at risk.

In between construction and restoration lies renovation, where existing holes and features are used to build a superior and product, usually in the pursuit of more challenge. Renovation ranges from the reconstruction of existing bunkers to the creation of brand new holes from existing corridors.

We understand that a successful renovation must conform to the look and feel of what is there already. Whether the client is seeking to rebuild greens, add some new tees for extra distance, or reconfigure a routing, we are able to balance the needs of the course with the desires of the modern golfer.

As living landscapes, golf courses can change a great deal over the years. Trees can grow unchecked. Greens can be mowed in imperceptibly smaller patterns from year to year, until they become two thirds of their original size. Bunkers can be eliminated intentionally or gradually. Conversely, overeager committees can add bunkers that conflict with the original aesthetic and strategic goals of the architect. We believe that many older golf courses are worth restoring to their original configurations.